Divorce in Massachusetts

Divorce can be one of the hardest crises you may face in your life. During this difficult time, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney to support and guide you through the divorce process. Attorney McGee is experienced in all aspects of family law, including alimony under the new statute and child support disputes. We are ready to discuss your goals, formulate strategies, and arrive at the strongest settlement possible. Whether you are settling a divorce amicably by a Joint Petition, or have decided to file a Complaint for Divorce, Attorney McGee can assist you with through all phases of your case.

Attorney McGee has experience with both low-income and high-net worth clients.

If you are planning to divorce, Attorney McGee will begin the process by learning more about you and your life. No divorce case is ever the same. Before forming a legal strategy, we want to know your situation, your values, and your priorities. We handle our clients one case at a time with a commitment to detailed knowledge of your legal and financial situation and goals. You will be treated with respect and never kept out of the loop about the details of your case. You will be given a copy of every document that pertains to your case, and all phone calls and email will be returned or responded to promptly.

Massachusetts is a “no fault” state, which means that a spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove that the other party did something wrong. For example, you don’t need to catch your spouse committing adultery in order to file for divorce or make allegations of abuse. While abuse can oftentimes be relevant in a divorce action, a Judge rarely wants to hear about a cheating spouse unless your husband or wife is taking them out to expensive dinners and secret trips or hotel stays. According to Massachusetts law, the only ground for divorce is that a party must believe that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Divorce can be extremely difficult and complicated, depending on the amount of assets involved.
Your lawyer will protect your interests by becoming extremely familiar with the details of your property, including:
• Real Estate Holdings
• Checking & Savings Accounts
• Retirement Accounts
• Brokerage Accounts
• Stock Options
• Cars
• Family Businesses
• Family Heirlooms

1B-Complaint for Divorce

​If you or your spouse currently live in Massachusetts, you can file a Complaint for Divorce in this state. If either you or your spouse still resides in the county where your marital home existed, you must file in that county. For example, if you moved out of the home, and now live in Worcester, you may need to file in Norfolk County if your husband still lives in Canton in the marital home. Once the Complaint is filed with the court and served on the spouse, the summons must be filed with the court. The parties can either wait for a case management conference, or file Motions to be heard sooner.

Attorney McGee can lead you through all steps of the divorce process, from filing the divorce, and serving the other party to negotiating a reasonable settlement with your spouse. Additionally, your attorney will help you decide whether it’s possible to handle your divorce without going to court. Often, if you and the other party are able to think realistically and act productively to achieve an outcome that is best for you and your family, your divorce may be settled collaboratively with the possibility of only one Court appearance. This helps to significantly minimize the emotional and financial strain of divorce. Attorney McGee can help you draft a settlement agreement that will be approved by the Judge and entered as a Judgment. It takes an additional 120 days from the Court date for your divorce to be final.

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