How To Challenge A Will In Massachusetts

Also known as “contesting a Will,” you may have a right to intervene in a Probate proceeding in Massachusetts depending on a variety of factors.

A starting point:

1. Is there a valid Will?

2. Is there an open case at the Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts?

3. Do you have the right to become a Personal Representative (formerly “executor” or “administrator”) of th estate?

4. Do you have “standing” or right to intervene in a proceeding?

Answers to these questions are important since there are many probate laws that apply to probating a Will in Massachusetts.

Most common probate cases are related to the following:

1. Whether there is a “new” Will that exists somewhere that has different beneficiaries or devisees.

2. Whether the Will complies with state law. (Was it witnessed by two people?)

3. Whether the decedent was competent when signing his/her Will prior to death?

4. Personal Representative is not acting in best interests of beneficiaries.

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