Complaint For Contempt

​If your ex-partner is not paying child support, or simply not complying

with an Order or Judgment of the Court, contact us today.

Typically, there is always an excuse or reason for someone not complying with a Judgment. However, legal counsel can advise you on whether you have a strong case for filing a Contempt action against the other party. Here is one example:

Father agreed to pay $200.00/week for child support and has not made a payment in 3 months. After reasonable efforts such as email, phone contact, and letters, you are now faced with filing a Complaint for Contempt in the Probate and Family Court. There is a filing fee, and you must file a Motion in order to get a hearing date.

Going alone to one of these hearings is a daunting task and not advisable. Typically a Judge will make a temporary decision and this can have lasting effects on your case. Call us today to schedule a free consultation: 617-398-3400.

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