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Welcome to McGee’s Law: a Boston, Massachusetts firm ready to take on your case.

If you are in need of an experienced, trustworthy attorney, you have come to the right place. At McGee’s Law, we resolve any Boston family law matter while taking into consideration every possible option and outcome.
Difficult legal challenges should not be faced alone. These are the times when you need to hire a knowledgeable attorney to help you come with a resolution that enables you to move on with your life. If you are looking for an experienced and certified family law lawyer, look no further.

As a top Boston divorce lawyer, we hold a strong knowledge of law and work closely with our clients to bring forward effective solutions to even the most complex cases. Every single one of our attorneys is highly trained and prepared to handle your case.
McGee’s is a law firm you can trust. No case is to too large or too small for our experienced team of lawyers.


Our Solutions

At McGee’s Law, we understand the devastating and inconvenient times that family matter legal cases bring. This is not an ideal situation for anyone and we are here so that you don’t go through it alone. Seeking the help of a reliable attorney offers you a long-lasting solution and gives you some peace of mind: especially when your case is in the hands of a quality Boston law firm.

We specialize in family law Boston matters like divorces or voluntary probate Massachusetts cases. In addition, we deal with writing wills, insolvency, child custody, alimony, and other familial cases. Committed to bringing forward the best possible outcome, we’re confident that McGee’s Law can settle your matter satisfactorily for everyone involved.


Our Attorneys

Part of what makes us a successful and highly sought law firm is the strong team of lawyers that we have working client cases. Our team offers superior communication, knowledge of the legal process of all family matters, and works closely with clients to offer a solution in the most positive manner possible.

Our attorneys consider all possible options before offering you a solution. We will take the time to keep you updated on any progress made and will always be available to answer questions or concerns you may have. As a top Boston lawyer, we’re ready to offer you a comprehensive family law matter solution.


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McGee’s Law takes pride in the solutions they offer people who seek their services. We are a highly experienced and skilled Boston law firm specializing in family law problems. A well-respected Boston family law practitioner, we are confident to bring clarity and peace to you by doing everything in our power to resolve your case.
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